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Is it possible to freeze berries in plastic bottles

Probably, to freeze berries in packages to someonejust do not like it, they sometimes just freeze and lose their original taste. There is another, rather good method of freezing fresh berries - this is the use of bottles, namely plastic bottles, which now, probably, no one is lacking. And, if before the bottles were almost all the same shape and capacity, now they produce a different form and volume, with a narrow and wide neck. So it will not be difficult to pick the right bottles.

The procedure of freezing in bottles is sufficientsimple. To do this, take a number of plastic bottles from the milk (neck at them wider) and a watering can with a wide neck. Strawberries are washed in clean water (preferably in boiled and chilled), we recline it on a sieve from the stainless steel net, let the water drain off well, and dry the berries themselves. Then the berry is mixed in a bucket with a small amount of sugar or with honey and "poured" directly into the bottles. A large strawberry can be kneaded a little by a crush so that it can pass into the neck.

  • You can also freeze and cherry. Bones, of course, better to remove, then fill the berries in a bottle and there we top up about 100-150 ml of honey. We turn the bottle several times in the hand, close it and put it in the freezer until winter.
  • With such storage, both strawberries and cherries are goodthey retain their taste, it remains natural and at the same time the aroma is not lost. Brew from these berries in winter you can do anything, the flavor is almost like in the summer. Perhaps honey saccharides perform a preservative here, and they help to preserve the natural properties of berries.

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