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Can I salt frozen chum salmon?

On any table, red fish are in the centerattention. Most often, they migrate there directly from the store shelves, stuffed with preservatives and other chemicals. Meanwhile, it's not that difficult to surprise guests with a delicious ket and even her caviar of hand-made cooking.

All that is needed is ket, salt, a few spices and a proven recipe for how to salt salmon caviar and fish at home.

To salted red fish at homecooking turned out delicious and juicy, you need to properly select the salmon for salting. Ideally, it is better to purchase live fish, but such luck is often impossible purely geographically. Therefore, willy-nilly, you have to salt the chilled or frozen chum salmon.

During the purchase you need to carefully select the fishcarcases. First of all, they should have uniform color, the skin - whole, without damage, and on its surface should not be a thick layer of snow or ice. Fish with black gills or fins should be avoided. And certainly not worth taking chum, if she, even frozen, feels an unpleasant smell.

Ketu is better to buy whole carcasses, and not gutted sirloin.

First, it is more difficult to salt the chum salmon fillets, and the resultthe work done does not always meet expectations - pieces of salted fish often become dry. Secondly, if you are lucky, from whole carcasses you can get a nice extra bonus to the fish - red caviar. And then you will not only have to salt fish, but also salt the caviar at home, receiving for the same money two delicacies instead of one.

At home, salt is bestpieces. You can salt it with whole carcasses, but the time will take more, and on the table you still have to serve in pieces, so there is not much point in such salting.

To make a delicioussalted ketu, you need to know how to defrost it properly. It is best to have patience and unfreeze in the refrigerator, no matter how long this process is not taken. You can leave it to size at room temperature. Trying to speed up the process of defrosting with the help of warm water, microwave ovens or otherwise is not worth it: you will be able to defrost it quickly, but it's hardly possible to salty it deliciously.

When the chum is thawed, it is necessary to separate from the carcasshead and tail - they do not represent any value for salting. Then with the scissors or a sharp knife the fins are cut off. If the carcass was not gutted, then you need to get rid of the innards, gently cutting the belly in the direction from head to tail. The cut must be done carefully, do not forget that caviar can appear inside.

In addition to the viscera, from the carcass before saltingit is desirable to remove and bones. For this, symmetrical incisions are made on both sides of the spine, and through them tweezers are pulled out with tweezers. But to cleanse the scales from the scales and skin before salt ketu, it is undesirable - the cleared pieces lose their shape when they are salted and look ugly. Therefore, it is better to get rid of the skin and scales immediately before serving.

Adding spices can be how to turn saltedketu in amazing yummy, and spoil its taste - it all depends on their selection. Keta is unique in that it perfectly combines a large number of spices:

Such a large selection allows you to experiment with the composition of all kinds of spices and marinades. But in the selection of spices there are general recommendations that need to be adhered to.

Salt is the basis of salting of chum salmon. It is better to salt it with coarse salt, specially designed for pickles and conservation - unlike fine-grained salt, it evenly penetrates the entire surface of the fish.

If there is sugar in the salted recipe, then it's not worth itto buy products from sugar cane. With a keto coarse-grained beet sugar is better combined. When pickling, do not abuse the spices - added in large quantities, they "hammer" the natural taste and aroma of chum salmon.

The exact number of chum salting recipesit is difficult to calculate. Often, the same recipe can occur in 15-20 variations. But there are basic recipes from which you need to "dance" when pickling. Among them, the simplest, both in execution and in a set of spices, is a recipe for dry salting of chum salmon.

A carcass of fish weighing 1 kg should be divided into twoloins, removing the ridge and bones from them, thoroughly wash them and dry them with a towel. Then you need to mix 50 grams of salt and 20 g of sugar, and then rub the two halves together with this mixture, then fold them together with the skin outward, wrap them in several layers of gauze, put them in a bowl and send them to the fridge, wrapping them in food wrappings for safety. After 72 hours, the fish can already be taken from the refrigerator, unpacked and served on the table.

The following recipe is unique in that after 30min after the salting of the keta is ready for use. Cut the carcass, pull out the bones and rinse. Filetki cut into several pieces, and then from each such piece to make a few: the same width, but approximately half a centimeter thick. Then carefully mix 2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt and the same amount of sugar. Each piece must be carefully poured in this mixture and folded in a deep bowl, shifting each layer with laurel leaf and 1-2 peas of black fragrant pepper. On top of the laid ketu squeeze the juice of half a lemon and give 30 minutes. stand at room temperature. At the end of this period with the pieces of fish you need to wash off the remains of salt and you can serve on the table.

Ketu can be salted not only in a dry way.For the preparation of spicy salted need 1.5 st. tablespoons of salt, art. a spoonful of sugar, art. a spoonful of olive oil, 2 bay leaves, 3 medium sized cloves of garlic and 5 cloves of cloves and peas of sweet pepper.

The carcass must be cut and pulled out of it bones.Cut the fillet into large pieces. Some of them need to be poured in a mixture of salt and sugar, and the rest - lard with chopped garlic. Fold the processed pieces in a saucepan, top with cloves, laurushka and sweet pepper on top, pour everything with olive oil and put for 1 hour under oppression. For oppression, you can use a shallow dish in the pan and a jug of water. After an hour, remove the cargo, cover the pan, send it for another hour to the refrigerator - and a delicious salmon keta is ready.

All the spices in the recipes are indicated with the calculation of 1 kg of chum salmon fillet. If you have to salt more or less weight of fish, you must accordingly adjust their number.

If you are lucky enough to buy a ketu with a bonus, then for 4-5 hours you can also cook tasty red caviar.

To add 150 g of caviar caviar, 30g of salt, 15 g of sugar, 3 peas of black pepper and 1 bay leaf. First you need to put the caviar in a deep dish. Then, in warm boiled water, dissolve salt and sugar and pour caviar on this solution for 30-40 minutes.

At the end of the period, a tablespoon ofsolution of caviar and let it drain off excess moisture. For a full guarantee, it is best to dry it with a towel. Then the caviar should be transferred to a small saucepan or plastic bucket, add to it the crushed laurel leaf and a few peas of black pepper. Tightly close the vessel and send it for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator, after which you can serve to the table.

This is only a small part of the recipes, how cansalt the ketu and its caviar. By experimenting and improving them, you can surprise your guests with an unusually delicious delicacy of hand-made cooking.

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