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Is it possible to freeze caramel sauce

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The recipe for this dessert dish is simple, soprepare caramel sauce for the strength of even novice cooks. Appetizing amber color, rich taste of caramel and delicious aroma of this sauce will definitely appreciate the sweet tooth. Serve it with ice cream and syrnikami, rolls and pies, pancakes and fritters. Even with a slice of white bread caramel sauce will be very handy!

In fact, in the preparation of classicalcaramel sauce is nothing difficult. The main thing is to strictly follow all instructions and use quality and fresh products. Only then this delicious dessert sauce will turn out right.

Freshly cooked, warm caramelThe sauce is characterized by a rather liquid consistency (comparable to condensed milk). After complete cooling and cooling in the fridge, it will visibly thicken and look like boiled condensed milk.

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