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Is it possible to freeze ginger in the refrigerator

Ginger is a very useful and valuable product. They can be treated with colds, used as spices, marinated and added to different dishes. However, in any use, it is important that we use fresh, good quality products. Today, let's talk about how to store ginger at home.

How can I preserve the beneficial properties that the ginger root has? The best fresh ginger is kept. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to his condition! Do not buy ginger if:

  • it is moist, has signs of flowering or sprouting
  • loose or wrinkled ginger
  • Ginger with a hard, zadezenevshey skin.

The freshest ginger has a good color, it is elastic with a soft peel, which is very easy to clean. There are several ways to properly store ginger at home.

In the refrigerator, the fresh ginger root is not storedmore than 3 weeks. Therefore, we choose this method, if you know that you will use it soon. Ginger is best stored if it is wrapped tightly with food film, or put in a vacuum bag. You can also wrap it in a paper napkin, and then put it in a paper bag. We store the wrapped ginger in the vegetable compartment.

In the freezer, you can store both the whole root andalready sliced ​​or grated ginger. To preserve the root, we tightly pack the unpeeled root and put it in the freezer. To freeze the peeled slices of ginger, then put the slices on a baking tray or a plate, leave in the freezer for 2 hours and after, put the frozen pieces into a sealed container. You can also freeze grated ginger, while immediately dividing them into portions. To do this, three ginger on a grater, we form portions on a baking tray or a plate. Leave the plate with grated ginger in the freezer for 2 hours, then transfer to a sealed container or a glass jar with a lid. In the freezer, ginger can be stored for up to six months.

You can store refined ginger in the refrigerator,if we cut into slices and fill it with white wine. If you put ginger in alcohol or vodka, then such infusion in the aftermath can also be used to treat or prevent various diseases. Ginger can also be filled with other liquor, for example: dry sherry, rice wine, rice vinegar, fresh lime juice or lemon. However, you need to know that any of the drinks gives their taste and aroma, i.e. the properties and quality of the ginger itself varies.

If you yourself decided to marinate ginger or youGinger remained after the order of sushi, it is important to know how you can save it. Important to know where it can be stored, and where not. Marinated ginger is usually stored in a glass or ceramic dish with a full lid. However, do not use metal utensils. Ginger can be stored only in the refrigerator for no more than 3 months if you marinated it yourself. Ginger, left after ordering sushi on the house is stored no more than a day. If you bought a jar in a supermarket, then you need to follow instructions, usually such ginger after opening the can can be consumed within a month.

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