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Is it possible to freeze slightly salted salmon?

Salted salmon is a great snack oran excellent addition to a variety of salads. The fish is rich in mineral composition. It also contains useful omega acids. You can salt salmon by yourself. How? We will try to understand.

If you have frozen salmon, then it is necessarythaw at room temperature. Then, clean the fish of the husk and gut it. Then rinse and dry. Now cut off the tail and fins. After this, separate the fillets from the spine. You can also cut salmon steaks up to 4 cm thick. Fish pieces are recommended to be dried. Skin as desired, remove or leave.

The only correct option for pickling salmon is not, so consider a couple of the most delicious and interesting.

Mix salt and sugar in a 3: 2 ratio. Now thoroughly pour the prepared pieces of fish. Place the salmon in a deep, clean and dry glass, ceramic or enamelware. From above put a little oppression. Put it in the refrigerator. In a day, take it out, rinse it and dry it. And serve to the table.

If you like fish with a more intense taste, then keep it for at least one and a half days in the resulting brine.

To a salty mixture you can safely add any shredded spices. Put 0.5-1 teaspoon for each kilogram of prepared fish.

Such an interesting salmon salting option. Mix 100 g of salt and the same amount of sugar. Take a deep glass container (clean and dry). At the bottom lay the sprigs of dill. Greens (200 g), beforehand, wash and dry. Then lay out 1 kg of prepared fish and carefully fill it with salt and sugar from all directions. On top of the salmon "cover" with dill. Then put the oppression. Wait a few hours at room temperature. After that, put in the fridge for 1.5-2 days. Then remove, rinse, cut and serve.

If you did not immediately eat all the salmon, then cutits small pieces (remove the skin and remove the bones beforehand). Fold the fish in a sterilized glass jar and fill with vegetable oil (preferably refined) oil. In this state the seafood will be preserved for some time.

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