/ / Is it possible to freeze cold-smoked trout

Is it possible to freeze cold-smoked trout

a lot of brought, all will not eat immediately and soon

Chances are most likely of a cold-smoked fish, butit can be frozen for sure. Again tightly wrapping each fish in a food film and thawing gradually, in the refrigerator. But I would not freeze the hot smoked fish, it can become too soft to mush after defrosting (even sparing).

Actually, they smoke fish just for what wouldto increase the period of its storage. Cold smoking involves a long exposure of the carcass to smoke, and hotter is much closer to the method of cooking shish kebab. Keep the second option of smoked fish in the freezer for a long time. Its shelf life is not more than any ready-made dish of meat, poultry, or fish - a few days. But cold smoked fish, if properly cooked, can preserve its nutritional quality for a long time. Note that before smoking it is also salted, which increases the shelf life. In the refrigerator, this delicacy can last more than a month. To do this, it should be placed in enamel, ceramic, or glassware and close the lid. In a freezer to place such food is not necessary - a strong cold will damage the product.

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