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Is it possible to freeze a pumpkin in the freezer for the winter for children

Bright orange, sweet and appetizing vegetables eachAutumn decorates our table. When properly stored, this fruit retains its mild taste for a long time. Is it possible to freeze a pumpkin in the freezer, because a fresh large pumpkin takes up a lot of space. Of course yes. Keep it at room temperature is not easy. Therefore, the ideal solution for those who want to eat a sweet pumpkin in the winter is its freezing. Our recipe will tell the hardworking housewives how to freeze a pumpkin for the winter.

From this useful vegetable you can createdifferent blanks. From it prepare jam (adding various fruits and berries), make candied fruits, pastilles, use as a filling for pies, cook porridges and even marinate.

Frozen pumpkin can be in three ways.

The first (crushed on a culinary grater) -perfect for creating pancakes and casseroles. Grated frozen pumpkin can be added to the pastry for pancakes, muffins, sprinkled with casseroles. If you add it to the soup, the color of the broth will become tender orange, and the taste will be pleasant.

The second (chopped cubes) - for vegetable sauté, porridge with rice, salads and mashed potatoes. This method of freezing involves storage of up to 12 months.

Pumpkin can be frozen and mashed. This method is perfect for young mothers who puzzle over the question of how to freeze a pumpkin for the winter for a child, so that the fruit does not lose its useful properties.

How to cook and how to freeze pumpkin slices, for a child, on a grater for the winter

For freezing choose only a juicy, ripe, bright and fragrant pumpkin. The best time for harvesting sunny fruits is from September to November. At this time the pumpkin is very juicy, sweet and tasty.

Prepare the necessary ingredients, rinse the sun fruit under the water, remove excess moisture, cleanse from thick skin and seeds.

In the first version of the recipe it is about how to freeze the pumpkin pieces.

Knife with a sharp blade cut the fruit in small cubes or brusochkami. To begin with, it is recommended to freeze the pieces of pumpkin by spreading them on a baking tray in such a way that they do not come in contact.

We send the mass to a special package and tightlyclose, trying to release all the air from it. In this case, the polyethylene bag should not be completely filled. The pumpkin expands in the frozen state and therefore requires more space. Instead of a package, you can use a plastic container, also without filling it to the brim.

For the second version of the pumpkin frost, we grind the vegetable on a culinary grater.

We put the resulting mass in a package, send it to the freezer.

We use the frozen pumpkin in itsdiscretion. At the same time, the frozen fruit is immediately lowered into the cooking dish, the pumpkin most often does not require defrosting. You can add it to vegetable stew, soups, make a filling for pies, add to mantas. Pumpkin is a useful supplement to cereal to diversify the diet of children. The grated pumpkin mass can be added to the dough for pancakes or pancakes.

From frozen pumpkin puree you can prepare lure for very young children, puree can be added to the dough for pancakes, yeast dough, add to casseroles and porridges.

Keep pumpkin puree in the freezer for a long time - 10-12 months.

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