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Which semi-finished products can be frozen for future use

Many modern women simplycatastrophically there is not enough neither the strength nor the time to prepare a delicious dinner or dinner for the whole family, since many of them from morning to yesterday are at work, and, therefore, return home already very tired and angry. Therefore, many families have weeks to eat pasta or purchased semi-finished products, which naturally affects the health of all members of the family.

Is it possible to pre-cook semi-finished products inhome conditions? Today the answer to this question is of interest to many housewives. Of course you can! Homemade semi-finished products, in contrast to store products, are made from natural, and, therefore, safe for human health products. After a tiring day's work it will only be necessary to finish the semi-finished products until ready and cook a side dish for them. It is necessary to take care of preparing homemade half-finished products in advance.

So, let's see what semi-finished products can be cooked for future use at home.

First of all, of course, vareniki and dumplings. They are frozen in a raw form, and then, as necessary, boil in slightly salted water until cooked. The only thing that needs to be considered is that in order to prevent semifinished products, each dumpling or pelmeni should be frozen separately. For example, to decompose the semi-finished products on a board or a plate, previously sprinkled with flour, so that they do not come into contact with each other. Then it is possible to shift the frozen semi-finished products into a common cellophane bag or a container for storing products and seal them tightly. Earlier, when there were no refrigerators and freezers, our ancestors harvested vareniki and dumplings in large quantities and stored them in special linen bags in the cold all winter.

You can also cook stuffed cabbage and stuffedpeppers. They need to be frozen semi-moist to ensure that they do not lose their appearance when they are warmed up. Rice for stuffing stuffed peppers must be boiled until half cooked, as the simmetted peppers are quickly cooked. Also, you need to scald the leaves of cabbage to prepare cabbage rolls in advance.

Frozen for future use, you can already have meat and fish ready, wrapping them tightly with cellophane or foil or spread out on food containers.

Perfectly tolerate the freezing of cutlets, pancakes andchebureks. There are several ways to freeze cutlets. First, they freeze already prepared fried cutlets, which, when served on the table, need only be heated in a frying pan under the lid. Secondly, you can freeze raw cutlets on a plate or in a food tray. Chebureks are best frozen in a raw form, so that when roasting inside them preserved juice. For freezing, pancakes are best cooked with meat stuffing, as pancakes with cottage cheese can spread and completely lose their taste characteristics. Dairy products do not tolerate freezing.

You can also freeze pre-prepared minced meat and dough for future use. They will remain in the freezer for a long time and will not lose their fine taste qualities.

Frozen semi-finished products must be stored inspecial hermetically sealed containers for products or cellophane bags, as it is in this form they are stored for as long as possible and do not lose their taste qualities.

Thus, with a little effort and imagination, you will provide all members of the family with tasty and useful homemade half-finished products for a long time!

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