/ How much frozen meat can be stored in the freezer

How much can you store frozen minced meat in the freezer

Minced meat can be stored in the freezer 4month. But keep in mind that if the temperature in the freezer is minus 12 degrees, then it can be stored for 1 to 1.5 months. The lower the temperature, the longer it can be stored. Still, at home, to maintain the necessary temperature is difficult enough, so it's better a month, and then the taste is changing, and not for the better.

In the presence of hermetic packaging and at a temperature of minus 18 degrees, minced meat can be stored not more than 4 months. If the temperature is higher, the shelf life is reduced to 1,5-2 months. Also, if the packaging is damaged, the shelf life will also be greatly reduced, since it may cause an odor of odor and color, because the stuffing will absorb foreign flavors and become airborne.

When thawing, repeated freezing of minced meatNot recommended. Since this will spoil all the taste, and the appearance will also change for the worse. So it's better to mince the meat minced beforehand in portions and thaw it as necessary.

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