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Is it possible to freeze champignons in a home refrigerator

At home, you can freeze freshchampignons, bought for future use. This product is stored for a long time in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, its taste properties are not lost. Mushrooms can be laid entirely, cut them or simply separate the hat from the stem, so that the workpieces take up less space. But no matter in what form the champignons will be frozen, they should be properly prepared for storage in the chamber.

Purchased mushrooms before laying in the freezerRinse thoroughly. Do this in warm water, which will soften the mud. After that, the product is cleaned. Cut the edge of the legs, and also clean the hats from the film.

When the champignons are washed, they arefreezing must be dried. To do this, mushrooms in one layer is laid out on a paper towel and left at room temperature. It takes half an hour for the excess moisture to go away.

You can not put wet mushrooms in the freezer. The water freezes, and with it the whole workpiece. It is not recommended to re-freeze the product, because in this case it loses its useful and taste qualities.

When preparing mushrooms for freezing, it is better to finelycut them or just separate the hats from the legs. This will greatly facilitate the process of freezing, and then the blank will take up much less space in the chamber. Fresh champignons can also be frozen after roasting.

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