/ / Is it possible to freeze chicken in mayonnaise

Is it possible to freeze chicken in mayonnaise

Can it be fried and not spoiled?

smells good

I also did this recipe only chicken I had 1 day since it smells good why not fry just be vigilant

Push it into the oven, it will be normal. She's in your fridge, not at the kitchen table. Sprinkle over the garlic

It will be too much, a day maximum, the marinade beats off a bad smell, I would not.

Are you a fan of fried cold sauce "mayonnaise"?

Then just heat the frying pan and pour the package of this sauce there, fry and eat! You can not throw a chicken in a frying pan - you still do not feel its taste!

I do not keep a chicken for more than a day,The faster everything will go out. If lamb, beef or pork, then up to 3 days. Although my parents somehow went to the country, namarinovali chicken meat (wings, hips, legs) for a week ... 5 days ate exactly, then stooped (forgot to put in the refrigerator),

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