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Is it possible to freeze sour cream in the package in the freezer

The question is relevant. Because the freeze will extend the shelf life of fresh home-made milk from 2 to 6 months. Perhaps, cottage cheese will also be stored longer and will not lose its nutritional value.

To pick up dense polyethylene packages that at storage they did not break and did not pass air. Weather-beaten products grow old, acquire an unpleasant taste and smell.

Packets must be signed with a marker, which is stored and when sent for freezing.

Plastic and glass bottles and containers to fill, not reaching the top 1,5-2cm, as the milk when frozen, increases in volume.

After thawing, unused milk can not be frozen again, because its useful properties are lost.

Fresh cottage cheese without frost should be stored on the top shelf of the refrigerator at a temperature of + 7-8 degrees not more than 2 days. Then, in order to avoid damage to the product, it can be frozen.

For freezing it is necessary to divide into portions necessary for the preparation of the intended dishes.

Pack in tight bags, sign.

Store at a temperature of -18 degrees for not more than a month. With this storage, the curd does not lose its flavor and retains its aroma.

It turns out that cow milk and goat in the freezer is kept remarkably.

For freezing, cow's milk can be taken raw or chilled boiled, and goat must be frozen only raw to maximize its usefulness for 2 months.

The best temperature for freezing is from -20 to -25 degrees. A higher temperature, prolonging the period of freezing, leads to the loss of vitamins and trace elements.

The answer to the question whether it is possible to freeze sour cream,will be positive, as it is perfectly preserved in frozen form for six months. Put it in the freezer preferably in glass or ceramic dishes.

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