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Can I put frozen potatoes

They put potatoes on the street, and forgot to remove. It was -4 at night. Can I put a croaker like this?

I would advise you, after all, to watchpotatoes. Put it in a warm place and let it stay for several days. It will start to germinate if the eyes do not damage the frost. Sprinkle your potatoes with warm water or a weak solution of manganese. If the eyes are swollen, then everything is in order - you can plant

Still much depends on how long the frostacted on potatoes. If this happened within a couple of hours (the frost usually happens in the morning), then he did not have time to freeze the tubers. And in general, minus four degrees for potatoes are not terrible.

But if there were already sprouts, they couldget injured. Although this is not terrible - still planted, the new grow back. Potatoes are such a grateful culture that they try not to leave a man in any case without a crop).

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