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Is it possible to freeze salted salted herring

Main Ingredients: Herring

Most people at the word "caviar" representred or black, can be zucchini, mushroom or eggplant, depending on preferences. But fish eggs exist not only in two versions. Not many people know that there is also white caviar, which has long been valued very highly for its delicate taste, availability and nutritional qualities, which are incredibly high in it. Among white caviar, extracted from different breeds of fish, we will dwell on herring roe and find out how to properly salt it.

  1. Herring caviar 1 kg
  2. Water 2l
  3. Salt is large (not iodized) 6 table. spoons
  4. Oil (vegetable) 5 table. spoons

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  1. Cutting board
  2. Knife
  3. Hollow-ware
  4. Pan
  5. Pan
  6. Towel
  7. Banks for packing

- - You can freeze the caviar, but in this case it should be thawed in the refrigerator, so that the eggs do not burst.

- - You can check the strength of the solution with raw potatoes, in a strong solution the potatoes will float.

- - You can not use bean and linseed oil, it gives the caviar an unpleasant aftertaste.

- - After the ambassador you can store eggs for 2-3 months.But already open bank - no more than a week. The best conditions for storing eggs, both open and closed - from minus two to minus four degrees. Take care that no water gets into the caviar.

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