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You can freeze raw boleti

Recently, the freezing of products is picking upwide popularity. In this regard, more and more often you can hear the question: is it possible to freeze the white mushrooms and how to do it correctly. In this article, I want to talk about all the ways to properly freeze white mushrooms, the timing of their storage and the rules of thawing.

Collected in the forest or bought on the market, boletusBefore freezing, clean with a brush or a clean sponge to wash the dishes. Wash the white mushrooms is not recommended. If the contaminations are impressive, then you can rinse them under the tap, but do not soak. This is due to the fact that the spongy structure of the cap easily absorbs the liquid, and the excess moisture for freezing is of no use.

Clean mushrooms should be sorted by size. Small white mushrooms can be frozen entirely, and large cut into slices or cubes.

From whole small mushrooms it is possible to prepare a dish for a festive table, and from cut legs and hats to cook soup or make a goulash.

Prepared mushrooms are laid in containersor packages for freezing. If the mushrooms were previously rinsed with water, then to prevent them from freezing with each other, the fungi can be placed on a flat surface and frozen. After 12 hours, the fumigated boletus can be transferred to bags.

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Cooked mushrooms occupy in the freezer muchless space, which makes it possible to use this method for people who have small freezers. Thus in a frost can go mushrooms with the cut off wormholes, that is those which have lost the presentation.

Before freezing, mushrooms are cut into cubes, andthen lowered into boiling water for 5 minutes, no more. Then they are shifted to a colander to get rid of excess fluid. Fully cooled logs are packaged in packages or containers.

Cooked frozen mushrooms are used to make soups and gravy.

The water in which boiled mushrooms can also be used. It is digested until reduced in volume and lightly thickened, and then frozen in ice forms.

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Pure mushrooms are cut into slices or cubes, andspread on a hot frying pan. After a while, liquid will start to emanate from the mushrooms. After the moisture is almost evaporated, and it takes about 20 minutes, vegetable oil is added to the mushrooms. Fry mushroom sliced ​​to light golden crust.

Ready mushrooms are transferred to a colander to allow the excess fat to drain off. Cool white mushrooms are laid out in portions, once, and stored in a freezer for storage.

Such mushrooms are completely ready for use. They can simply add to the fried potatoes and warm.

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Frozen white mushrooms can be stored in the freezer for up to 1 year. They will completely retain their taste and aroma, provided that the temperature regime is -18 ° C.

For the preparation of most dishes defrostWhite mushrooms are not necessary. But if you need a preliminary defrost, then they first stand for several hours in the refrigerator, and then - at room temperature.

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