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How to eat frozen oysters

There is a popular opinion thatoysters are not accepted for eating in the summer, since from May to the end of August they are tasteless and unsuitable for eating. This is also called the rule of months, in the title of which there is no letter "p". This myth has its own historical reason. The matter is that from May to the end of August the oysters had a reproduction period, and it was forbidden to eat them at that time in order to preserve their livestock. It's been quite a few years now, the law was lifted, and this rule became an interesting myth. Experts argue that the most successful month for eating oysters is March, but this by no means means that at other times of the year they are inedible or unpleasant in taste. Anyone who knows good food can eat oysters all year round. Another thing - how to eat oysters, because this is a whole ritual, full of secrets and subtleties.

So, as we eat oysters, we learn today; atThis article will reveal important and interesting moments of this process. Oysters are usually served cold (it is better to bring them on a plate with ice), in advance you need to pour them fresh lemon juice. Yes, oysters, like any raw seafood, must be generously crocked with the juice of this citrus to give it an excellent taste. As a drink to these shellfish nothing will do better than dry cool champagne. In France, it is common to eat oysters with black bread, which is imported to the country for this purpose!

How to eat oysters? This case is rather subtle, requires the use of some power and attention. The sink is taken with a napkin in the hand, or it can be held flat on the plate by a flat leaf. To eat these shellfish a special knife is invented that will help to open the sink without difficulty and to drink the contents. How to open an oyster with it? The knife must be squeezed into the slot where the flaps join and sharpen it. There should be a sonorous click. Observe safety rules, be extremely careful with a knife - it can jump out of your hands and hurt.

So, the oyster is almost open. Now it is necessary to slice the blade of the knife inside the oyster to cut the muscle with which the flaps are closed so tightly. Oysters can not be turned over, otherwise useful and tasty juice may flow out. Our oyster is open! It must be put on ice crumb and sprinkled with lemon. If the product is fresh, then you will see with your own eyes how the oyster quickly shrinks from the acid that has got on it. It is also recommended for more convenient use to cut the lower oyster muscle so that it can be drunk from the sink in one gulp.

So, we learned how to eat oysters. This information, you must agree, is necessary, so as not to become a laughingstock at a dinner or a romantic dinner, where a cold dish with fresh oysters will be served to the table. But it is more pleasant to have this seafood if we know its benefits. It should be noted that oysters are rich in zinc, and in addition, they contain such important for the human body trace elements, like iron, copper, nicotinic acid. Oysters also have vitamin B12. The combination of fatty acids in oysters is extremely beneficial for health, Omega-3 is also present in them.

Slimming by a note:these shellfish have brilliant meat, which makes them seem very fat at first glance, but it's not. They shine because of the abundant glucose content, and calories per 100 grams of product accounts for only about 60. Therefore, oysters are not only very tasty, but also a dietary product. Determine the freshness of a closed mollusk is very simple. One of the first signs of its freshness is the shell, it must be very tightly closed. If you find in it at least a microscopic gap, then the product is most likely spoiled.

Today we learned how to eat oysters. This knowledge should be used to not count life lived in vain, as it is an incredibly tasty and healthy seafood.

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