/ / Is it possible to freeze pickled honey agarics?

Is it possible to freeze pickled honey agarics?

Freezers already cooked? Then everything works well with marinating. Itself so marinated, you can not particularly try with sterility, just cook a jar of pickled and eat, without delaying for a long time.

Thank you) yes, pre-cut and boiled. And on what recipe marinate? How fresh?

Yes, as fresh, I just skip the cleaning and shorten the preliminary boiling - just bring it to a boil and let it boil in salted water on prescription. Then decant and marinade.

You can, though they have a slightly different flavor thanfreshly converted. I have an express method of pickling. I take the frozen mushrooms, without thawing I throw in water, I cook minutes 15 in salted water. While the mushrooms are cooked, cut the onions into half rings, garlic, a few cloves, a teaspoon of vinegar (mushrooms about a half-liter jar) and vegetable oil with a smell, I put all this in a salad bowl, mushrooms in a colander, and put the hot potatoes in a salad bowl, . How to cool, we rarely get to this before, you can eat. Very creepy is a salad.

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