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Is it possible to freeze champignons raw or boiled

Currently, champignons are no longerus exotic species of mushrooms. You can buy them in any form (marinated, fried, frozen). You can also freeze champignons at home. You just need to know how to freeze the mushrooms properly and prepare your favorite dishes from mushrooms, without running around once again for shopping.

First, in order to freeze the mushrooms of theirRinse well under running water. Then the mushrooms must necessarily be dried and remove all unnecessary (the remaining dirt on the legs, cut off darkened places). Very large mushrooms can be cut into several parts. Now, dry and clean products can be laid out on prepared containers. These can be special packages for freezing food, plastic containers or just plastic bags. Capacities should be properly packaged so that the mushrooms do not absorb the smell of other products. After that, the containers can be sent to the freezer. Before preparing various dishes to defrost champignons do not need to. In the process of defrosting they will darken and can become practically black. The fresh frozen mushrooms can be stored in the freezer for about a year.

These mushrooms can be frozen as a semi-finished product. For example, freeze fried mushrooms. For this, the prepared mushrooms (clean, dry and sliced) must be fried with a small amount of vegetable oil until all the excess moisture evaporates. Then cooled mushrooms need to be spread over prepared tanks and sent to the refrigerator. The shelf life of such mushrooms is reduced to six months. After this time they will lose their taste. Their appearance will also deteriorate.

You can also freeze boiled mushrooms. For this, the processed mushrooms must be boiled in slightly salted water. Then you need to throw it back in the colander to make the glass water. Then spread boiled mushrooms on any surface to dry. Now they can be laid out on the prepared tanks for freezing. Such mushrooms should not be thawed before cooking. The shelf-life of such a semi-finished product also does not exceed six months.

As you can see, the procedure for freezing these wonderful mushrooms is very simple.

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