/ / Is it possible to freeze puree for a child in cupcake forms

Is it possible to freeze puree for a child in cupcake forms

we have such dishes for the baby. I'm very happy.

Is it not better to freeze vegetables and fruits and from them already then to cook?

just cooking in our conditions I want to minimize.

If 100-180 grams, you can in Aventov jars for breast milk.

Sears write that you can freeze the mashed potatoes in ice cubes - then fold the cubes with the package and unfreeze one by one.

There are jars from the "basket" has long been empty. For self-delivery (Moscow, River Station) I'll give at least fifty pieces.

This is somewhat worse :-)

in the Aventov containers - very convenient

it is possible in forms for ice, it is possible in forms of silicone for cupcakes

you can buy special Aventovskie. you can just take a tray, spoon the mashed potatoes (1-2 spoons) cover with food wrap and in the freezer. Try, that would be a mash thick, because after the defrost water will be added.

a very valuable experience!

and what did you freeze?

zucchini with potatoes, pumpkin with apple, spinach, broccoli, but I read that almost everything can be frozen.

here look, very interestingly written.

and here there is something.

and I'm freezing in silicone molds for mini-cupcakes, it's convenient to get out, just two or three spoons are placed there. then in a bag with a string and that's it.

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