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Is it possible to freeze boiled squid for later

One of their main rules for storing squidit is considered an exception to place this type of seafood in the refrigerator in an open form. Squid meat very easily absorbs odors and at the same time quickly winds up. If seafood will be in the open form near meat dishes, then their surface will quickly become firm, and changes in appearance and structure will begin to be observed after a day.

Nuances of storing squid:

  • store squid only in containers with lids;
  • when storing squid in the freezerIt is recommended to wrap each carcass in the foil (thus, the juiciness and structure of the meat will be preserved, and the probability of repeated freezing will be eliminated, since the squid will be stored in a "portioned" form);
  • peel with squid is better to remove before cooking (after heat treatment, the squid is stored less);
  • repeated freezing of squid carcasses is not permissible (like any seafood, squid may deteriorate during the repeated freezing and lose its taste characteristics);
  • Boiled squid can be placed in the refrigerator,but they should be consumed as quickly as possible (after only a few hours in the cold, the squid will begin to change its structure and become more rigid);
  • squid can be stored in marinadecarcases must be cleaned and placed in a prepared marinade, the shelf life in this case will be 48 hours at a temperature regime in the range of +2 to +6 degrees);
  • if squid is bought in a package, then it should be opened only before cooking seafood (so squid will better retain its juiciness and structure of meat);
  • store squid in plastic bags or in a food film it is possible, but it is better to use parchment paper, plastic film for meat or food foil);
  • to prolong the shelf life of squid can be smoked, but this requires special knowledge and smokehouse;
  • in the undivided form of squid is not recommended to store for longer than a day (it is better to cut the carcass several hours after purchase or defrosting);
  • Squid is a category of perishable products, this fact must be taken into account in any chosen method of storage.

If squid cooked, then the shelf lifedepends on a number of additional nuances. There are varieties of sauces that begin to change the consistency in a few hours. With the beginning of this process there will be a violation of the structure of squid meat, and it will begin to deteriorate simultaneously with the ingredients of sauces. In any case, if seafood is used in salads, second courses, stuffed with additional ingredients, then they should be consumed in food the next day after cooking.

Defrosted squid, purchased inrefrigerated, can be stored for 2-3 days in the refrigerator. In this case, it is necessary to exclude temperature changes. You can not, for example, keep seafood at room temperature, then put it in the refrigerator and repeat these actions several times. The structure of meat due to this can change, and the shelf life will be reduced.

In frozen form squid stored up to 4months. They can be kept longer, but there is a risk of changing the taste characteristics. In addition, with excessively long storage in the freezer, squid meat will acquire a more rigid consistency and it will be difficult to weld seafood.

Nuances of the temperature regime during freezing:

  • at a temperature of -12 degrees the squid can be stored for a maximum of 6 months;
  • at a temperature of -18 degrees, the shelf life of squid is increased to 1 year.

If the squid is cooked, then the shelf life inthe fridge will be 24 hours. After this time, seafood will begin to lose its flavor characteristics, and their appearance will become less attractive.

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