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Is it possible to freeze the mackerel of hot smoking

There are several ways to smoke:

  • cold (occurs at temperatures up to 40 ° C);
  • hot (occurs at a temperature of 80-170 ° C);
  • half-hot (50-80 ° C).

The taste and smell of fish depend on thesmoke preparations and the type of wood. After smoking, fats acquire resistance to oxidation, and bacteria die in meat. Cold-smoked products last longer, as they are more salty and soaked in smoke. Fish are hot smoked juicier, so it spoils quickly.

The longest at home is stored fishcold smoking. In the refrigerator, she calmly for 10 days. Mackerel, horse mackerel and other hot smoked fish will have to be eaten in three days. Optimal location - the middle shelves near the back wall, where the temperature is kept at + 3 °.

Because smoked products have a strong smell, theirshould be wrapped in food paper or foil. You can put the fish in a jar, a saucepan or other container with a lid, and put a juniper branch on the bottom.

Take care not to get moldy. To prevent it, you must choose a clean package and ensure the flow of fresh air. This means that the refrigerator should be clean, defrosted in time, it should not store spoiled food.

You will understand that the fish has deteriorated if it:

  • became slippery to the touch;
  • covered with a dirty gray or greenish bloom;
  • produces a sour unappetizing smell.

Decomposition begins with the region of the spine. You can stick a toothpick and check the smell. If there is a whitish coating, but there is still no smell, then wipe the fish with vegetable oil or salt with a clean cloth.

Long kept at home properlysmoked fish in a dry, cool (0 ... + 5 °) and a well-ventilated room (in the attic, in the basement, in the storeroom). You can wrap it with sackcloth or foil, put in a box, pouring sawdust of not resinous trees. This will provide protection from insects and sunlight. Note that you can not store hot smoked fish. It is better to eat it for 2 days.

For a long time smoked meat lay inrefrigerator, they are wrapped with a cloth soaked in a strong saline solution, and then wrapped in paper. As a result, they can survive for a month.

Smoked fish can be frozen. Place it in a vacuum package or in a bag of food plastic and send it to the freezer. There it can be up to 3 months. Use a heated oven or microwave to defrost. It is necessary that the fish warm up well. After such a procedure, she will show all her taste, and the meat will freely separate from the bones.

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