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Is it possible to freeze oily without boiling

Prepare some oily for winterthe period is quite possible at home. However, not every landlady knows all the methods of procurement. Many often use marinade, soldering or drying. Frozen freshly picked mushrooms has its advantages, as it takes a little time. However, do butteries frost for the winter, and what are the rules for this process?

Before freezing, special attention should be paid toPrimary processing - cleaning mushrooms from dirt. In addition to the remains of foliage and grass, which need to be removed, on every hat oil is removed from the adhesive film. To ensure that it is well behind, it is better not to mushrooms, and leave in air to dry for 2 hours. After that, the mucous surface of the cap can easily be removed.

An important rule: Do not freeze wormy mushrooms, as they are not suitable for this and have a non-aesthetic appearance.

Is it possible to freeze the buttered oil, or better?leave whole? There are no definite rules here: you can freeze them with intact ones, and you can cut them if the mushrooms are large. Some simply separate the hats from the legs so that the workpiece takes up less space in the freezer.

The usual freezing of butter for winter in the freezer allows you to keep their scent and freshness for a long time. After defrosting the mushrooms to taste are no different from fresh ones.

How to freeze the butter in the freezer, you can learn from the following method, which is used by knowledgeable landladies.

After preliminary cleaning of the oilrinse under running water. Pour into a saucepan 3 liters of water, boil and add 1 tsp. citric acid. Remove from the stove and fill it with boiled fresh oil, let stand for 10 minutes. The acid is added to prevent the oil from darkening. Rinse the mushrooms under the tap and divide in size. Put on a paper towel and allow to dry. Oily large size cut into pieces, put into plastic bags or food containers, send to the freezer.

You can also prepare fried butter muffins for the winter in the freezer. This is in case, then there will be no desire to fiddle with a frying pan.

Pre-oiled oily filmcut, boil in water with the addition of a small amount of salt for 20 minutes, and recline on a sieve. Rinse under running warm water and allow the mushrooms to drain well. Pour into a frying pan with pre-heated vegetable oil. Fry for 20 minutes until all liquid is evaporated. Allow to cool, spread on containers with lids and send to storage in the freezer.

In the future, such blanks will be excellentadding to potatoes or meat. In winter, they just need to be warmed up and added to the garnish. You can pour them with sour cream and put out for 15 minutes, then you will get mushrooms in sour cream sauce.

Quickly freeze the butter in the freezer can be another way.

By the departments of the freezer a thin layerdistribute the peeled, cut buttermilk. The temperature in the freezer should be maximum. After 7-10 h mushrooms get, pack on containers or plastic bags and return the normal temperature. With this option of quick freezing, the oil remains the same form that they had before the freezing process.

These simple ways of harvesting butter will allow you to prepare real "summer" dishes in the winter.

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