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How to freeze goulash

New Year is a wonderful occasion to surprise loved oneshis culinary skills. At this time, the table literally bursts with an abundance of delicious dishes and snacks. But, when the holiday comes to an end, you may find that not all the food was eaten. What to do with the remaining products? One possible way can be freezing. As in any case, here there are subtleties. That's why we wrote about the basic rules that must be observed when freezing food.

1. Only fresh food is suitable for freezing

Please note that the following products are not suitable for freezing:

  • tomatoes;
  • green lettuce leaves;
  • fresh fruit and vegetable salads;
  • whole apples;
  • plums and pears.

2. Thoroughly prepare the products for freezing

Wait until the meat has cooled down to room temperature. If necessary, divide it into portions.

Thoroughly rinse the fruit, remove the leaves, seeds, stems and, if necessary, the rind, and then place in the freezer.

3. Pack the food in the right amount

Maximum weight for one package:

  • fruits and vegetables - up to 1 kilogram;
  • meat - up to 3 kilograms;
  • ready meals - up to 1 kilogram.

4. Use the appropriate packaging

Solid foods (meat, vegetables, baked goods) intended for defrosting or cooking in a microwave oven must be packed in special packages for freezing.

Liquid and soft foods (soups, juices and soft fruit fillings) should be packaged in sealed containers.

5. Do not exceed recommended storage times

Maximum storage time:

  • meat (depending on type) - from 3 to 6 months;
  • vegetables - from 6 to 12 months;
  • fruit - from 8 to 12 months;
  • ready meals - up to 3 months.

Check if frozen foods can be cooked immediately or defrost them first.

Observe the main rule: large pieces of meat, poultry and fish should be completely defrosted or at least well thawed before cooking.

Pre-freeze in a container, then pull the roast out of the container and wrap it in foil.

Shelf life in the freezer - 2-3 months.

Freeze completely or in separate slices (a foil must be laid between them).

Shelf life in the freezer is 3 months.

Cook and divide into portions. Pack in sealed containers or in special packages for freezing.

Shelf life in the freezer is 3 months.

Remove the giblets, prepare for cooking and pack.

Shelf life in the freezer is 2-4 months.

Pack in portions that do not exceed 3 kilos in weight.

Shelf life in the freezer is 3-6 months.

Remove the giblets, and then pack in whole or in portions.

Shelf life in the freezer - 8 months.

Divide into portions that do not exceed 3 kilograms by weight, and then pack.

Shelf life in the freezer - 2-3 months.

Pack the dish so that the rolls fit snugly together. Do not forget to shift them with foil.

In one package you can place 6 to 8 rolls.

Shelf life in the freezer is 9-12 months.

Shelf life in the freezer is 8-10 months.

Note that meat, cut into thin pieces, is kept better. Pack for servings weighing not more than 3 kilograms.

Shelf life in the freezer is 4-7 months.

Pre-freeze the soup in the container. Then remove it and wrap it in foil for further storage in the freezer.

Shelf life in the freezer - 4-6 months.

In addition, if you do not already have a suitable freezer for storing frozen foods, you can find it here.

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