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Is it possible to freeze oily fresh

To process oil, you must start immediatelyafter coming from the forest. I must admit that cleaning and cooking these mushrooms is not an easy task. In addition, heat treatment takes a lot of time. Is it possible to freeze the buttery for the winter to save time?

Is it possible to freeze the buttery soggy and how to defrost it?

Many experienced mushroom pickers argue that the oilcan be frozen raw, because then they do not lose their properties and taste after defrosting. Moreover, this method is the most convenient, accessible and simple. It allows cold winter cold to cook delicious dishes with the aroma of real fresh mushrooms.

Is it possible to freeze the buttery soggy or is it worth itpass additional heat treatment - is not important. After the defrosting process, the buttermilk has the same aroma as freshly picked. In this case, the primary process of oiling is an obligatory process. First you need to remove the slippery sticky tape from their hats, rinse in running water and throw in a colander. When all the liquid drains, the oil must be put on a paper towel so that it dries out.

If the mushrooms are small, to cut such beauty is notworth, let them remain intact. However, if large mushrooms are taken for freezing, then they need to be cut. A mandatory rule is to sort the size of the oil. In food plastic containers with a lid we put oily one size and place in the freezer. The lid on the containers is mandatory, as mushrooms quickly absorb all the smells of a number of lying products.

Whether it is possible to freeze the buttery soggy depends on your desire and preferences. Frozen oilers with this method helps keep them for a year to a new crop.

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