/ / Is it possible to freeze cooked cutlets with onions

Is it possible to freeze cooked cutlets with onions

is it possible to freeze cutlets already with onions and other things or is it better to cook them first? how much can you store the finished cutlets in the freezer?

Very much it is possible to freeze, and then alreadyused as a semi-finished product. Very, by the way, it is convenient for those who do not have time for twisting and cooking minced meat. Then you get from the freezer - and immediately to the heated frying pan with small fire. If you think about it, dumplings are no different from cutlets, but in shops they are everywhere.

Freezing can, in principle, any semi-finished products- both manufactured independently and purchased. Strictly speaking, cutlets are no exception, including the addition of onions and other condiments. Most often I make minced meat and cook cutlets for the future with a large batch, since then they are very convenient to immediately send to the frying pan, you can even without additional defrosting. Saving time is excellent, and the dishes are no worse than freshly twisted minced meat. But here it is not recommended to store meat semi-finished products for a long time. Try not more than a month - two keep your cutlets in the freezer, otherwise they will finally lose their flavor and nutritional qualities. For example, our family with 4-5 kg. minced meat for cutlets and lazy cabbage rolls enough for just a month, and then buy meat again and prepare semi-finished products.

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