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Is it possible to freeze raw sausage in the freezer

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Cooked sausages, as well as sausage-sausages havethe shortest period of storage. Recommended storage temperature: + 2- + 4 degrees. And, of course, in the fridge. It is best to store the sausage in a container, but you can wrap it in wrapping paper, parchment or foil. In polyethylene, boiled sausages should not be stored.

If the shell at the sausage is natural, then such a product can be stored only a week. If artificial, the sausage will be stored up to 1.5 months.

Shelf life - up to 1 month, but only inundamaged packaging. Keep it in a refrigerator at a temperature of 2-4 degrees. It is better to wrap in foil or parchment, in plastic bags of sausage it quickly becomes a slimy.

These sausages are kept for a long time: in undisclosed packaging up to 3 months, in the opened - 2-3 weeks. But you need to comply with the temperature regime of storage: 5-8 degrees. And this is either a good cellar, or the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. If the package is not opened, then you can put the sausage and in the vegetable-fruit compartment.

If the loaf is already begun, then you just need to tightly knead the place of the cut with food film, but you do not need to pack the sausage completely into the film.

They are best stored at a temperature of 5 to 15degrees in a dark place in a suspended state. In such conditions, the sausage sausage will be stored for up to six months. If the temperature is room, the shelf life of the sausage will be reduced to 4 weeks.

To cut sausage is not aired, it should be greased with fat or egg white

If the shell is raw or smokedsausage made a mold, but the sausage itself is not touched by it, then it is necessary to remove the plaque with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar, and apply a vegetable oil to the affected area. If the sausage has become airborne, you can revive it by putting it in cold milk.

Freezing sausages to extend their termstorage, you can. The taste of this will not change much. Do not forget only that even in the freezer the sausage will not lie forever. For example, for boiled sausage sausage the limit of life in the freezer is three months.

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