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Can I fry a frozen chicken

Not every hostess has enough time,to cook every day delicious, and that the main useful food. Often, many families dispense soups, cooked in a hurry and hot sandwiches, heated in the microwave. For busy housewives who do not have time to prepare complex dishes, it is important to know whether it is possible to cook a frozen chicken in the oven.

Frozen chicken carcass

Experienced housewives strongly recommend beforeBake the unfrozen carcass. This will get rid of ice and excessive moisture. Also, during cooking, the thawed chicken will be baked evenly, preserving juiciness.

Today many models of ovens are equipped withadditional defrost function. This allows landladies to save time significantly by laying the washed chicken carcass in a frozen form, vegetables and condiments at the same time.

As practice shows, bake frozenChicken, shown in the photo, in the oven can. But it is better to do this with a thawed body. Reviews cooks argue that in the second case it will be easier to choose the mode and cooking time.

In order not to err with the time, which is necessary for baking, it is recommended to proceed from the general rules:

  • Fillet from small pieces bake for 25 minutes.
  • If a piece of chicken meat is more than 300 grams - 35 minutes.
  • Chicken tuna requires for cooking in the oven from 2.5 to 3 hours.

Given the approximate time frame, you canCalculate that for the preparation of a frozen chicken in the oven it will take at least three hours. After all, the product must be thawed, excess moisture evaporates, and the bird - covered with crispy crust. The entire process requires a minimum of 2.5 hours.

Baked whole chicken

Recipes how to cook chicken in the ovenoffer different options. The bird can be cooked with garlic and under various sauces, with herbs and vegetables. Perhaps the most common option is a chicken baked in the oven with vegetables. And vegetables can be very different: from potatoes to sweet peppers and tomatoes. Each hostess chooses a suitable recipe.

Chicken with vegetables

One popular recipe is a chicken withfrozen vegetables in the oven. In this case, the chefs recommend the first thing to bake a carcass for an hour and a half. The cooking time can be increased depending on the weight of the bird. Once the meat is baked, you can lay frozen vegetables on a baking tray. Next, the dish is cooked until the final baking of all the ingredients.

Answering the question, can I put in the windcabinet for baking frozen chicken, cooks answer that you can. However, to get a mouth-watering, juicy and baked dish, it is better to unfreeze the bird beforehand, freeing it of excess moisture and ice. By laying the carcass in prepared form, flavored with salt and pepper, you will get a tasty and healthy dish.

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