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Can I fry frozen french fries

For the preparation of French fries, it takes about 10 minutes after boiling the oil.

Potatoes - 6 large potatoes

Salt - 1 tablespoon

1. Wash potatoes, peel and cut into long straws with a width of 0.7 centimeters.

2. Pour water into the pot and put the potatoes; insist half an hour to get rid of the possible starch flavor.

3. Debate potato straw with the help of napkins.

4. Pour in a skillet (preferably a small diameter) 5-7 centimeters of oil, put on fire.

5. Wait until the oil starts boiling - small bubbles begin to appear.

6. Lower potatoes and fry 10 minutes until golden brown, stirring, on medium heat without a lid.

7. Remove the potatoes with a whisk into a colander, drain off the grease and sprinkle with salt.

8. Stir well and lay the french fries on paper napkins to remove excess fat.

1. Pour oil in the capacity of the multivark, adjust the gadget for the "Frying" mode.

2. Wait until the oil is warmed up (not boiling), put the potatoes in hot oil.

3. Tumble the potatoes in oil with stirring for 7-8 minutes.

4. Transfer the potatoes from the oil with a noise.

5. Give potatoes 10 minutes to be cooked from the internal temperature left after frying in oil.

6. Bring the oil left in the multivark to a boil.

7. Put the potatoes in the hot oil for another 2 minutes.

Vegetable oil is recommended to takesunflower and deodorized, odorless. Only potatoes fried in good oil, will be crunchy and fragrant. Remember that in 1 oil you can fry potatoes several times.

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