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Can I fry frozen mushrooms from the store

Honey mash, wash in salted water for 10 minutes,drain the water, put the honey fungus in a frying pan and fry over medium heat for 10 minutes, stirring. Without cooking honey agaric, thoroughly wash and fry for 20 minutes without a lid. A sign of readiness is easy - easy shooting.

Frozen mushrooms fry for 15 minutes.

Fresh mushrooms before roasting are recommended to cookin 2 waters for 15 minutes each, then fry in oil (vegetable or creamy) until rouge. Without cooking honey agaric, rinse thoroughly and simmer well after salting, 30 minutes before evaporating the liquid.

Frozen honey agarics, without defrosting, lay out onheated and oiled frying pan. According to the time to fry frozen mushrooms 15 minutes on medium heat without a lid. Wash, boil and unfrozen frozen honey fungus before frying should not be.

Fresh honey agarics to sort, clean and wash,put in a saucepan with boiling salted water, and cook for 15 minutes. Then drain the water, pour in fresh water and cook for another 10 minutes. After cooking honey mushrooms put in a colander and wait until the water runs off. While the water is draining, heat the frying pan over medium heat, add oil and put honey. Fry the boiled honey mushrooms for 10 minutes on medium heat until the liquid evaporates and the color ruddy.

Roasting products with potatoes

Onions - 1 head

Sour cream - 1 tablespoon per serving

Salt and pepper - to taste

Vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon

Peel and finely chop the onion. Heat the frying pan, pour the vegetable oil, put the onion and fry over medium heat without a lid for 5 minutes, stirring. Then add the honey agaric mushrooms - frozen - and fry for 5 minutes. Then add brushed and sliced ​​potatoes. Salt, pepper and mix potatoes with honey agarics. Fry potatoes with honey agarics with constant stirring for 15-20 minutes, until the potatoes are soft. Serve fried mushrooms and potatoes with sour cream.

In the post fry boiled pasta, frozenvegetables, boiled potatoes, stewing soy meat can be frozen in honey agarics. That is, put the frozen honey agarics in a frying pan, cover with a lid and put on a quiet fire. When honey mushrooms are fried, add to them products that need to be fried.

Products for roasting

Fresh mushrooms - a pound

Onions - 1 head

Salo or bacon - 50 grams (or, you can substitute vegetable oil - 4 tablespoons)

Salt and black ground pepper - to taste

Parsley - half of the beam

Clear honey agarics, cut off long parts of the legs;leave a couple of centimeters off the hats. Hats, if large - cut into pieces. Pour water into the pan, add salt, put on fire and add boiled agar after boiling. Boil agaric honey for 10 minutes, then discarded in a colander and let drain off.

Peel onion and finely chop. Preheat a frying pan, put lard cut into lard (or pour oil), put onion and fry it for 5 minutes on medium heat without a lid.

Add honey agaric, fry 10 minutes, stirring. Your mushrooms are ready with potatoes!

Porrushka to wash, dry and chop. Serve potatoes with honey agarics, sprinkle with parsley.

1. Clear ague from dirt, leaves and earth.

2. Cut large caps into 4-5 pieces.

3. Boil the water in a saucepan, add salt (for 1 kilogram sprat - a tablespoon of salt), put honey, boil for 15 minutes, then drain.

4. Rinse honey agaric, drain water.

5. Peel and cut the onions (1 kilogram of sprat - 1 average head of onions).

6. Put the frying pan on medium heat.

7. Pour in the sunflower oil, about 3 tablespoons.

8. Lay the onion, fry for 10 minutes, stirring.

9. Put the honey agaric, fry 30 minutes under the lid and 20 minutes without the lid.

10. Salt the mushrooms.

11. Put the honey agarics from the frying pan over the jars.

12. Pour the honey agaric with hot oil left over from roasting.

13. Close cans with honey agarics, stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 months.

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