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Can I freeze fresh caviar from pink salmon?

In the store I bought frozen pink salmon, fishwas with caviar, immediately the question arose, how to very salivate the red caviar at home so that it turned out like a shop. The meat of fish I use in cooking fish pies and feed them a cat, he is already elderly and a little fussy. In red fish, only the fillet eats, but the caviar remains in the autumn in almost all the fish. Today I will tell you how to salt salmon roe, taken from frozen fish.

The pink salmon with caviar in the store is determined by the seller in appearance.

And, as they have an eye on, and on othersthey are experts in this field. Another interesting point in pricing. If, for example, pink salmon with caviar, then the price for it is 20% higher than for ordinary "empty" fish. Although, in my opinion, this is the pure excuse of sellers. If with the purchase of red caviar pink salmon by purchasing frozen fish sorted out, then you can proceed to further step-by-step actions.

To pick salmon roe at home, you will need:

Caviar of frozen pink salmon, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, hot and cold water.

The most time consuming process in salting pink salmon roe at home is the separation of eggs from the films. I have already got used to this procedure and I do it this way:

When caviar is cut out, it is thawedair, this is if I gut the fish half defrosted. If the same pink salmon is melted, the caviar is already ready for processing. Pour in a bowl of hot water about a liter and dissolve in it a teaspoon of salt with a slide. The temperature of the water must be such that the hand can tolerate it. After this, I lower the caviar with the shells and manipulate the fingers, I start to separate the eggs from the films. The films mostly stick to the fingers in the form of wax, and the eggs settle to the bottom. Salted water becomes turbid. Then, the eggs are washed in cold running water, removing the remaining films.

The eggs themselves after a heat treatment are cloudy and look like the photo, but it's temporary. Caviar roe I throw in a colander and let it drain.

Then put the red caviar in such a small container.

This vessel with caviar (which turned out 100grams of fish weighing 1.3 kg) pour the brine from the calculation: for half a glass of water I add one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of sugar. After that, I cover the jar with caviar and put it in the refrigerator for the night.

In the morning, in such a mini colander, I wash the salted pink salmon roe in cold water from the tap. Eggs of pink salmon after the correct salting became transparent, and not cloudy as it was before.

After all the water has drained from the roe, I transfer it to a paper napkin to give all the excess moisture.

Eggs pour into a flat large dish and remove the remaining cloudy films, if any.

Now I shift the eggs into a container, pour invegetable oil about one teaspoon, mix, close the lid and clean in the refrigerator. Two hours later, salted red caviar, cooked from frozen pink salmon at home, will be ready for consumption.

Self-salted red caviar pink salmon can be used as in sandwiches made of white bread and loaves with butter, and when preparing canapes, salads and not only.

Such homemade salmon roe infridge for about a week. The very red fish, too, can be salted at home, as saline pink salmon I have described previously. But all my pets like the most when I cook the pie with pink salmon with the addition of pollock. Also very interesting solution. The pie turns out juicy, tasty and less expensive. That's all. Have a nice appetite and see you soon on the site Recipes of Preparation.

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