/ / Is it possible to freeze sorrel in the freezer reviews?

Is it possible to freeze sorrel in the freezer reviews?

Nobody tried to freeze?

The fact of the matter is that I saw frozen spinach, and sorrel - no. I saw only an incomprehensible color rubbed in glass cans.

I always do that too!

Yes it is direct) has washed up has dried up (well in sense not wet). Dry cut and froze) for soup is excellent.

And so every year. Sorrel Parsley Dill

Aaaaaa about porridge don `t know)

In general, the first time I hear that the porridge is added. And in what?

The author wants to porridge))))

It froze. Leaves freeze and lie in the freezer in perfect condition. If you touch, crumble)

After defrosting they become kashka, of course.)))

But I'm throwing them frozen in the pan.

I cook a pearl barley, add onions, and at the very end I cut the sorrel and boiled egg (you can break the raw egg).

+ later sorrel. And a raw egg.

From sorrel (fresh!) You can make sweet pies)

Sooo it's delicious. Sweet-sour. Juice is a lot. Used with milk)

Thank you, girls, I'll cook

Yana, it's better to pie. Sorrel with sugar. In the internet, look at the recipes. Delicious! I'll have nettles tomorrow tomorrow))))

I want to try everything. As it was not customary in our family to cook such dishes, but everyone says it's delicious. So, you need to fill this gap.

Zdrya! Silage can be very tasty if cooked normally. Habits just do not exist.

"in porridge," it was meant that it would wilt all after.

Most recently the topic in this section was about green borsch. This is soup with sorrel.

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