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Is it possible to freeze oysters in the sink?

If you bought fresh oysters, pay attention to the fact that the valves mustbe tightly closed, without holes, place the oysters in a wide container so that the large leaf is at the bottom, and on top put a wet towel, the oysters should be stored at a temperature of +1 degrees and constantly sprinkle the towel with water, so they can be stored for 5 days, do not close the oysters in a container, so they choke after a few hours, and also they can not be stored in water, especially in fresh water.

Fresh oysters smell of the sea, and the taste is sour and salty flavor and sea taste.

But each person has different taste, someone will taste the watermelon, and someone will taste the hazelnut.

When storing oysters, it is worth considering a number of tips. The simplest is the following: it is very important to check the oysters for suitability. That is, beforehand we look at the oyster. It is very important that its valves are very tightly closed. And the availability and freshness of oysters can be determined by weight. As a rule, oysters, which are still suitable for food, are rather heavy.

The second point - if you are not going to cook oysters in the same second after selection, then it's worth removing our clams in the refrigerator. But we must do everything correctly.

Our task is to choose the largest container. It should be broad, not deep. We lay the oysters so that the junction of the flaps looks down. When all was laid, we moisten the towel. We cover the mollusks with a towel, but do not use the lid from the container afterwards. And right here and put in a cold place. The towel should be slightly watered with water, so that the oysters would be comfortable. We can withstand the temperature maximum plus four degrees. So you can store clams for up to a week.

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