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Is it possible to freeze ready-made cutlets from minced meat

As sometimes it would be desirable, having come from work, to not spendprecious time for cooking. But the shop half-finished products do not want to poison their household. Why do not spend time off work on cooking products for future use. But then, when the guests unexpectedly arrive or there is no time for cooking dinner, in the freezer there will be saving billets.

But is it possible to freeze cutlets?

You can freeze almost all dishes from minced meat, including favorite cutlets. Harm from this will not be any (unless you, of course, will not keep in the freezer for more than a month).

There are many options for freezingcutlets. They can be frozen raw, or lightly toasted, or can be completely cooked, so that in the future it can only be heated. For each option there are different ways of freezing. Raw shaped cutlets should be placed on flour-poured tray, plate, board so that they do not touch each other. Pack in a container or bag and put in the freezer. Completely finished cutlets can be frozen in sauce. To do this, they are placed in a container, poured with sauce, allowed to cool and frozen.

Before cooking, burgers are not completelyDefrost, but they only allow the top layer to be melted in order to roll in breadcrumbs and fry. Ready-made cutlets are heated in sauce, which makes them much more delicious. You can cook cutlets in a microwave oven, in an oven or in a frying pan.

Frost does not in any way spoil the taste of cutlets and no one will even guess that they were made a few days ago.

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