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Can I freeze the salted herring forum

Herring is not only popularly salteddelicacy, but also a convenient solution for the hostess. Boiled potatoes with herring will not leave indifferent even suddenly complaining to the mother-in-law. True, for this purpose a salted fish should be, as they say, at hand, in the refrigerator. Therefore, the wise landlady considers the question whether it is possible to freeze the salted herring, which is essential.

The question arose not by chance. Herring can not be stored for a long time in the fridge, even if your family menu is turned into an ode to her beloved and there is salted fish daily. Quality will deteriorate every day. The freshness will start to lose, the salinity will rise. In five days there may appear a white coating, indicating the danger of poisoning.

To save the result of their labors and prevent product damage, if you know if you can freeze herring.

  1. Only the fresh product is selected for freezing! In this case, it's fresh, ready-to-eat salted herring.
  2. Selected for freezing fish, clean, remove the head, separate the fillets and clearing it of bones, cut into beautiful strips 2.5-3 cm wide.
  3. Dividing into the intended portions, folded into jars with lids. Drizzle with vegetable oil and place in the freezer.
  4. It is possible to freeze salted herring in denseplastic bags. Lay the sliced ​​pieces in rows starting at the far edge of the package. Wrap each row. It turns out some kind of roll. For defrosting, the required number of pieces is easily separated.
  5. You can freeze whole fish, and cut them after defrosting. Herring retains its useful qualities for a month.
  6. Defrost is best in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours or at room temperature. Correctly thawed fish remains dense, its meat is white, tender and tasty.

Herring is not considered a delicacy. But she rightfully occupies one of the first places on health benefits and delicate gentle taste of white meat.

A hundred grams of fish contains almost halfday protein. It replenishes the human body with iodine, phosphorus, potassium, B vitamins, improves the functioning of the nervous and digestive system, stimulates the heart, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

Possessing the skill how to freeze a salted herring, it is very easy to periodically pamper seven fresh vitamin herring with green onions and butter.

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