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Can I freeze salmon steaks

There are five steaks, I want to cook them with potatoes, each in foil in the oven. Do they defrost first? If you unfreeze, they will not fall apart? And if there is, share the recipes.

And the last question, if you bake one steak without spices, your son can be eaten? him a year.

can, salt slightly add

They are preparing too quickly, potatoes will be half-baked.

I advise with mushrooms and cream, very cool. A potato separately

and if separately, the steaks themselves how much time to bake?

25 minutes is enough.

Stakes put, spices abundantly, then a little more cream, followed by mushrooms and pour again ... so amazingly it turns out!

You can, probably need to defrost, fish should be salt pepper. you do not fry frozen fish or meat

I still sprinkle lemon, and it's not completely defrosted

Steak defrost is not necessary. Salt, pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice and then grease with mayonnaise and put tomato slices on top and thinly cut potatoes on each side.

And the child is all the same only without mayonnaise and pepper. In the year the child can already fish

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