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What can I freeze in ice cream molds

cream 33% - 150 ml;

condensed milk - 30 g;

Vanilla - to taste;

jam - to taste

To whip the ice cream you need to buy cream,at least 33 percent fat, you need about 150 ml. I add condensed milk to cream, it is better to buy something that is more expensive - it tastes better. Condiments need a little, I added about 20-30 g, otherwise it will be very sweet ice cream, but here, as they say, who loves as much. Be sure to add a pinch of vanilla, I love vanilla ice cream.

I beat using a corolla to a thick consistency.

This is what our future ice cream looks like, it does not drain from the plug.

In one form added cherry jam. You can make chocolate ice cream, adding cocoa, you can put nuts, in general, a lot.

It is worth saying a few words about the form itself. Of course, if you do not have such a device, you can prepare ice cream in any other container. But I recommend the form from Ikeya, as it turns out a very beautiful ice cream on a stick.

After a couple of hours, you can get the ice cream and carefully take it out of the mold, after pouring it before boiling water or leaving a little to melt.

This is how my cherry ice cream looks.

I recommend everyone to do homemade ice cream, experiment, involving children in the process.

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