/ / Is it possible to freeze hummus homemade

Is it possible to freeze hummus homemade

Yes, it is quite. He perfectly tolerates frost.

Thank you! Personal experience, yes?

it's protein, it means normal

it's not really protein, but we should try, perhaps.

Nut - peas, it contains starch and carbohydrates. They behave when frozen. Well, have you lobio ever frosted? I - yes. A couple of plates of soup with potatoes (or pea), which is still th-th what delicious, but there, for example, you leave, or something else to eat want.

The potato becomes an abomination. Peas and beans are the same.

Potatoes yes, I completely agree, but the pea puree I had excellent lying in the freezer. Therefore, the thought came to freeze.

I do not know. I once had a couple of plates of pea soup, and we left, so I froze. The mashed potatoes in the soup broke up into grains and became quite vile.

whole boiled chickpeas perfectly tolerates frost, even together with the "broth" in which it was cooked.

As for the finished hummus, I do not know, I have not tried it.

Yes, it was necessary to freeze the whole, but it did not work out

I will say this - if your refrigerator has a camera "fast freezing", then hummus does not disappear. Perfectly survive yourself, especially if you then defrost in a gradual mode, and not immediately into heat.

If not, then it's really better to hand out to friends-acquaintances.

Thank you! I'll try for a small portion, or something.

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