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How to fry frozen champignons for salad

This is a very simple way to fry mushrooms with onions andsour cream. Mushrooms with onions should be added to the finished potatoes. Frozen mushrooms can also be fried with potatoes. Fry the mushrooms should be stirring occasionally for 10-15 minutes.

Such a simple dish as fried mushrooms is notmany know how to cook. Add to the vegetables chopped mushrooms, sour cream, spices and mix everything. Periodically stir the dish so that mushrooms do not stick to the frying pan. Add them to the frying pan and mix. Champignons fried with sour cream can be done without adding vegetables or combining them with other vegetables.

Many do not know how much to fryfrozen champignons - the time for their cooking is doubled (that is, you need to fry for 20-25 minutes). Then the gas under the frying pan must be turned off, and fresh mushrooms should be added with fresh herbs and mixed. First of all, the champignons must be thoroughly rinsed. In addition to the fried mushrooms, very tasty treats for every day and a family holiday can be mushrooms fried with potatoes.

In a separate frying pan, fry potatoes. To do this, chopped root crops should be cut into slices and put on a preheated and oiled frying pan. When the potatoes are ready, add the fried mushrooms into it and mix.

Fried mushrooms in different variations are oneof the most popular European dishes. Used white mushrooms, as well as champignons, oyster mushrooms, honey agarics and mushrooms. So, cooled mushrooms with onions can be served as snacks for uninvited guests. Beige color is possible. But if it is dark brown - champignon overrun.

Before frying, fresh champignons can not bewash. It is enough to wipe with a damp cloth. Fry with the lid open, stirring occasionally. In which you first need to add butter. Fry potatoes will need about 20 minutes, 5 minutes before cooking it can be poured. We also need a bow. Chop it into half rings, then place it together with the mushrooms on another pan.

Preheat a frying pan, pour a couple of spoons into itvegetable oil. Put the mushrooms and fry them for 10-15 minutes. While they are frying to peel potatoes, cut it with straw. Grilled mushroom with onion perfectly complements meat dishes and warm salads. Frying pan, pour on it refined oil. Champignons are laid first.

If the champignons were frozen, for a half kiloof the product take the middle head of onion. It is fried in a frying pan until it turns golden. Then add the mushrooms and fry for another 15 minutes until ready. Mushrooms with onion in sour cream are simple, but very satisfying and useful dish. Keep in mind, the dish will have a more intense mushroom taste if the pieces are larger.

Fry them for at least 10 minutes. Landmark - the liquid, it must be evaporated all. Onions are cut not by semirings, but by cubes. Let's share the secrets of making champignons. Today I want to share with you a recipe for fried mushrooms. To prepare salads and snacks in which raw mushrooms are used, you need to remove the skin from them, but if you are going to fry champignons, this is not necessary.

Melt the heated frying pan thoroughly(pre-cut it into small cubes). When the onion becomes transparent, add the vegetables: tomato, bell pepper and carrots. Then fry the mushrooms without the lid, stirring continuously (4-6 minutes).

For frying it is better to choose small mushroomssizes and cook them whole - so the mushrooms do not lose their flavor, and they look more appetizing. Mushrooms are an excellent source of proteins. However, there are some secrets in the preparation of this product.

Then, if desired, they can be boiled for10-20 minutes or immediately cut into slices. A few minutes before the mushrooms are ready to salt. Cooked mushrooms in salted water should be fried until cooked. It should be remembered that in the process of frying, the volume of fungi may decrease somewhat, so count the desired portion.

If small mushrooms are notcut, and fry whole. Add to the champignons, fry until the potatoes are ready. While a potato is fried it is possible to prepare mushrooms. And now a few words about mushrooms.

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