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Can I freeze the chicken a second time

Girls, but is it possible for a hen to be constantly frozen and thawed? I buy a filet for 5-6 pieces. I'm preparing for 2 filshek) so I think, does it deteriorate so?

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I did so and niche like .. no one died)

I buy chilled fillets, at home on packages just two filsheki pack and in the freezer.

So buy chilled fillets

Do not defrost 2 times

I after the purchase immediately spread on the bags of 2 pcs, of course, repeated freezing is the reproduction of bacteria, the chicken is quenched, and if a long frozen can die

You can not freeze meat or poultry twice.

Sliced ​​in sachets per serving

Thank you all) I will now pack two pieces)

It is impossible, it deteriorates, vitamins go away

Before freezing, I do all the meat portionwise and it turns out that I'm thawing for a time

I buy and dispose of various packages that I would not defrost the bunch

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