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Is it possible to freeze the rags raw

  • Mugs
  • Salt
  • Cold water
  • Colander
  • Containers for freezing

Mushrooms, unquestionably, are considered one of the mostthe most popular blanks for the winter period. Mushrooms are usually frozen raw, but can be already boiled. But the second method is the most suitable for freezing piles. Fresh, not boiled, mushrooms can be frozen, but you must first wash them and cut them into small pieces.

In this case, the main thing to watch, so as not to come acrosswormhole. But most often the fungi is fried with a small amount of oil before freezing. Pre-washed, dried and chopped mushrooms should be fried for about 20 minutes, until all the excess moisture from the frying pan evaporates.

Then these chopsticks should be cooled and only thendecompose in containers for freezing and put freezers. Mushrooms can even be fried in the oven. For this method, no need to add oil to the baking sheet. Well-washed mushrooms, before you freeze the mushrooms, you must put it in a deep baking tray and stew in the oven, occasionally stirring until all the excess liquid evaporates.

After such a method of frying mushrooms to tasteremind mushrooms in their own juice, which retain their exquisite taste and aroma even after deep freezing. The problem of freezing the mushrooms is solved by the way in which they are pre-cooked, and well-cleaned and carefully washed mushrooms should be cooked for 10-15 minutes until completely ready.

Then they should be filtered, cooled andcontainers or packages for freezing. Of course, you can freeze the mushrooms and in the raw form you can. The main thing is that the previously washed and chopped small pieces of mushrooms were young, strong, and that did not come across worms. Frozen mushrooms before their use, it is not necessary to unfreeze completely, so that they do not lose their unique attractiveness.

In the winter period from frozen boiled and rawmushrooms can be prepared with acute marinades and sauces, boil borsch, mushroom soup or light dietary soup, used as a filling for pies and pizza. It will be nice to have a mushroom dressing for any kind of porridge, for hot potatoes or simply tasty mushroom sauce. Also from the frozen mushrooms it is easy to prepare a fragrant julienne.

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