/ / Is it possible to freeze and unfreeze pizza

Can I freeze and unfreeze pizza ready?

Many believe that the right to warm upanything in the microwave. So, pizza is recommended to warm up in it as follows: first you need to set the defrosting mode (about five minutes), then transfer to heat and heat it for another couple of minutes. However, this time can be irrelevant for pizza, the size of which is more or less than half a kilogram.

I think microwave is generally wrongtheme, for it simply kills all that is useful that contains the product. So it's better to warm up the pizza in the oven, preheated to two hundred degrees. Approximate time of pizza in the oven is 8 minutes.

But it's best to warm up the frozen pizza ata frying pan. For this we take a frying pan, put it on medium fire. When it warms up, we spread pizza on it and cover all this beauty with foil (only not too tightly). No oil is needed. We reduce the fire, wait six to eight minutes.

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