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Is it possible to smoke frozen mackerel?

Hot smoked mackerel - commongoods on the shelves of the fish departments of most stores. At the same shelves, in the neighborhood, there is sometimes fresh fish. So, for the price of smoked fish is 2-3 times more expensive than fresh. Mucking mackerel is not difficult. Moreover, I think cooking mackerel in a smokehouse is almost the easiest and easiest recipe. I smoked mackerel so often that I am ready to share small observations and secrets.

  • mackerel - a few pieces for 300g;
  • salt, ground pepper, seasoning for fish to taste.

Fresh fish is selected according to the size of the smokehouse,approximately the same length and weight. The same fish has the same cooking time. As a rule, in the majority of standard smokehouses there are two grills. On each grate you can lay 3-4 fish. So consider how many pieces can be smoked at a time.

Consider the number of eaters. One fish is enough for one person. But the stock does not pull a pocket either. In addition, the smoked fish is stored in the refrigerator and is good in cold form. Not for nothing that it is sold in stores almost at a triple price.

Too small fish do not buy. The larger mackerel, so it is tastier and fatter. Or believe me, or check. If the store does not have fish by the size of the smokehouse, it is better to buy a large mackerel and cut off its head than to smoke a small fry. Note that the larger the mackerel, the more expensive it is. It's not spontaneous.

Fish clean, remove all the insides. It's not necessary to cut off the fish with a fish. Rinse under running cold water, dry, rub with salt and spices.

Put the mackerel in a tray, cover with a food film and put it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours, or it can be for a day.

I recommend marinating for about a day. In this case mackerel thoroughly soaked in salt and spices. Get great taste.

At the bottom of the smokehouse, pour the alder chips with a layer of 0.5-1 cm, depending on the number of fish.

You can even smoke one fish. If there are a lot of fish, then prepare several visits. Between the fish should be a gap of at least 1 cm. Since the mackerel is noticeably thicker at the head than at the tail, then we lay the fish with a "knave". Head - tail - head - tail.

Before you put the fish in the smokehouse, you need todry with paper towels. To fish does not stick to the grate, you can pick up raspberry leaves, black currant or apple sprigs, lay them evenly on the grate, and top the mackerel. Leaves and twigs will also give an extra flavor. Smokehouse tightly closed the lid and smoked on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Mackerel is getting ready quickly.

Eat smoked mackerel with potatoes, vegetable salads, good beer.

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