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Can I freeze chanterelles in the freezer

Chanterelles are very bright and attractive mushrooms. In addition, they are very useful, because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, and taste good. No wonder that many housewives prepare a variety of dishes from the chanterelles in the fall and prepare chanterelles for the winter. Of all the methods of long-term storage of chanterelles, the simplest is frost. Today we will talk about how to properly freeze mushroom chanterelles.

Freeze chanterelles must be directly on the day of collection. Do not keep mushrooms for a long time at room temperature, because they quickly accumulate toxic substances.

Before freezing, pick the chanterelles, discardsuspicious, old and rotten mushrooms. Peel the chanterelles from the debris. Of course, it's best to freeze young mushrooms that do not even need to be cut. But large mushrooms can be sent to the freezer for storage, pre-cut them into large slices. After sorting out the mushrooms, rinse the chanterelles in running water and put them on a colander to allow the glasses to excess fluid. If necessary, blot mushrooms with a paper towel.

In fact, you have 2 options for freezing: send the mushrooms to storage in the freezer in raw form or first boil the chanterelles, and then only freeze. It is believed that raw frozen chanterelles are bitter, but if you freeze only young and strong specimens, then bitterness will not be at all. Nevertheless, many housewives believe that in order to freeze the chanterelles correctly, they must be boiled first. This method of harvesting is safe and ergonomic, since boiled mushrooms will not deteriorate even if the freezer is accidentally defrosted. In addition, boiled chanterelles take up much less space. This is especially important if you have a lot of mushrooms.

So, cook the chanterelles for 15-20 minutes. After the chanterelles have completely cooled down, distribute them on clean plastic bags or place them in plastic containers. Then pack with mushrooms into the freezer. In this form, the mushrooms are perfectly preserved until the winter. However, do not store chanterelles for longer than six months - they will lose their taste and become less useful. Defrost chanterelles only at room temperature.

In the same way you can store stews and friedchanterelles and use them for making various snacks, sauces, second courses, stews, and also add as fillings in pies. However, the shelf life of stewed and roasted chanterelles is slightly less than that of boiled mushrooms.

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