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Is it possible to freeze vodka in the freezer

To alcohol freezes, an exceptionalThe temperature is 114 degrees below zero. Vodka, a popular alcoholic drink in Russia, can freeze in winter, on the street, at minus temperatures - 24-32 degrees, in the freezer it only cools.

Robert Boyle, an English chemist, was the first to receive dehydrated ethyl alcohol and discovered its characteristics due to physical and chemical properties.

Russian scientist Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleevtransformed vodka. He insisted on the conditions for the production of the drink, in which the solution of water and alcohol had to be kept in certain proportions. It was this combination, proposed by the great chemist, that was patented in Russia in 1894 as a national vodka and was named "Moscow Special".

The main element of all high-temperature drinksis ethyl alcohol. Ethanol is a clear liquid, without color, with a specific smell and a sharp taste. In its manufacture apply strict technology and proper conditions, such as pressure and temperature. Characterized by the ability to ignite and rapidly evaporation.

Ethyl alcohol found application in:

  • chemical industry;
  • medicine;
  • production of cosmetic products and perfumes;
  • food industry, where it is used as the main component of alcohol-containing beverages: vodka, wine, beer and others.

Classification of ethanol by type:

  • Medical - contains 96.4-96.7% alcohol.
  • Ethyl absolute (pure) - 99.9%
  • The requisition is 95.57% alcohol.

Some basic physical properties of alcohol:

  1. temperature of boiling: + 78.39 C (Celsius);
  2. pour point (melting): - 114.5 ° C (Celsius);
  3. can be combined with: water, acetone, acetic acid, benzene, glycerol, diethyl ether, chloroform.

The temperature at which alcohol freezes below 100degrees and, it becomes obvious that it can only be frozen in a specially created environment. This is an exceptional quality of ethyl alcohol, which is actively used for the manufacture of frost-resistant water solutions.

To begin with, the product consists of two main components:

  • pure water - 60%, the freezing point of which is 0 degrees Celsius;
  • Ethyl alcohol, past the process of purification from impurities - 40%, the temperature at which it freezes below 100 degrees.

According to various technologies, the manufacturer can add minor elements, such as:

  • plant extracts,
  • milk,
  • honey,
  • natural or synthetic flavors,
  • flavors.

All additives freeze at a standard temperature of at least 0 degrees.

In the production of vodka, only ethanol is used, other types of alcohols, such as methyl, ammonia, isopropyl, are not allowed.

Thus, it becomes clear that in a good 40% vodka additional components and water freeze, and alcohol base - no.

It has been proven by experience that the vodka freezes undertemperature from 25 to 32 degrees Celsius. Such a wide range is due to the combination of the components of the product and its features. If the vodka is of high quality, it will never freeze in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, since the temperature there does not drop below 18 degrees Celsius. But on the street, in a severe frost, it can easily turn into almost full ice.

It can be said with certainty that the higher the strength of a liquor, the lower the temperature it needs to freeze.

Experts say that it is not necessary to freeze vodka. It is better to drink it, having cooled, to a temperature of +8 degrees Celsius.

If a bottle of vodka is frozen in the freezer in about two hours, it is not of high quality, and therefore it is not worth drinking. Usually this is due to the fact that the manufacturer used:

  • not ethyl alcohol, but methyl (it is toxic and dangerous).
  • many other additional ingredients, for example, water.

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