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Can I freeze the pike without cleaning it

Pike is used at the heart of many culinary dishes. However, not everyone will prepare it. The reason is that toothy predatory fish do not like to be cleaned. Although it can be done easily. You just need to practice, using the knowledge of how to clean the pike.

To begin with, the carcass must be cleaned of mucus and dirt under the pressure of water. Pike scales should be cleaned from the tail. There are two ways to do this.

In the first - a cutting board of a largesize (glass or plastic). To prevent slipping, fix it on a damp towel. Before you are going to clean the fish, you need to wear rubber gloves. Cleaning algorithm:

  1. Put the fish so that the left had a head, and on the right - the tail. (For the left-hander - on the contrary).
  2. Peel from the tail of the pike to the head.
  3. With one hand holding the tail, the other - a knife (scraper, fork), you have to scratch the scales against growth. The device under an acute inclination, frequent movements, poddevayuschimi scales, it is necessary to move it to the blade.

In the second method it is recommended to clean the scales inwater. To do this, a large basin or a sink with a stopper holding the sink is filled with cold water so that the carcass is completely covered. Holding the tail in his hand, they begin to clean the fish scales in the direction of the head. First, one side is cleaned, grasping the middle of the back and belly. Turning over, clean everything from the scales.

Tip: categorically it is not recommended to keep fish by the head, thrusting his fingers into the mouth. Sharp teeth can cause serious injury. To not slip the tail, it is sprinkled with salt. To clean it is necessary while scales have not dried up, differently it is removed very difficultly.

When time is short, we clean the pike quickly. To release from the scales of the house will take less than a minute, if you use boiling water from the kettle. Carcase, gently holding his head, scald them in the sink from all sides. After that, the scales are very easily removed with a knife, without flaking apart.

A quick option in the yard involves cleaningpike with a kercher. The fish in the area of ​​the head with one side is fixed for a nail, previously hammered into the board. Kirkher, directing the jet with a powerful pressure like a razor, scales, dirt and mucus are removed from it. Then the fish turns over and the procedure repeats.

Ice cream pike is easier to clean, it is not so slippery. It is not necessary to defrost, but it is necessary to clean it this way:

  • Prepare a sharp durable knife, pliers (forceps), cutting board.
  • At the frozen carcass cut off all sharp fins, except for lateral fins.
  • Along the entire circumference of the head, along the back and the belly, make an incision to make it easier to remove the skin.
  • Using forceps, grab the edge of the pike skin and gently pull it off, starting from the tail, although it's a big difference if you do it from the head - no. After that, you can safely cut it off.
  • Carcass gut, removing the entrails neatly, so as not to damage the gallbladder.
  • Caviar and undamaged liver to separate, then use them for cooking.
  • Cut the fish into pieces, 5 cm thick.
  • With a knife, separate the flesh from the backbone.
  • Ready fillets put in the freezer or marinate. You can also twist on stuffing.

Tip: before sending the caught pike into the freezer, do not wash it and clean it of mucus, it contributes to the deterioration of taste afterwards. It is possible to remove scales from the method of northern peoples taken from the freezer. To do this, wear cotton gloves. Take the cassette from under the eggs, head the pike into the recess. Holding the tail, from his head, like a slave, to cut a skin with a sharp knife skin with a frozen scales thin as a plane. The method is good because it is easy to clean even difficult places in the abdomen area.

After removing the scales, the freshly harvested or thawed pike can be cleaned and disassembled almost as cold as frozen:

  1. The knife is shallow, so as not to damage the gallbladder, sticks into the head, cutting a thick cartilage at its base with the abdomen.
  2. The belly splits in the direction of the tail.
  3. Removed, but do not come off the inside.
  4. Tackles for the cartilage of the gills and are removed from the head.
  5. The bird is released from the giblets.
  6. A bubble is removed that holds the air. The blood accumulated beneath it is removed.
  7. Pike under a stream of running water is washed.
  8. Removes everything that will then come in handy for the soup (fins, tail with the head).
  9. With a sharp wide blade of the knife, the fillet is separated from the ridge directly from the ribs from one side and the other.
  10. The small bones remaining in the fillet are removed by the nippers.
  11. If the pulp for minced meat, then the skin can be left without removing. If it is not needed, then with a sharp blade of the knife it is necessary to cut off the loin from the skin.

If there are any doubts, how to approach the cleaning correctly, then the following options are possible:

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