/ / Is it possible to fry frozen cutlets without defrosting?

Can I fry frozen cutlets without defrosting

Many housewives in order to save timethe remaining minced meat is frozen, making it cutlets. Such frozen cutlets or meatballs are conveniently stored in the freezer until the next day or a couple of days before any holiday. All that remains to do with them - just fry in a pan with the addition of the necessary amount of vegetable oil.

Do I have to defrost the patties before frying?

Defrosting is not required, since cutlets withDefrosting can simply fall apart and fry them will be very problematic. Store or homemade semifinished products (frozen cutlets in the freezer) can become minced again during defrosting, as water will be released.

The heated frying pan should be pouredvegetable oil (you can also add a little water), put frozen cutlets, you can cover with a lid. Fry in the usual way from two sides to a golden crust over medium heat. Until readiness can be brought, leaving the cutlets under the lid or send them to the oven to finally fry.

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