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Is it possible to freeze a fresh fern?

I want to share with you an interesting and fastoption of fern harvesting for the winter. If you tried to somehow save the fern before winter or studied this question, then you know what to pickle a fern is a very long time. Need some kind of barrel, heavy press, fern there is kvass for a long time, etc. to dry it, too, for a long time and not so easy, and it tastes like hay, you do not rehearse. Therefore, for the past few years, parents have been preparing a fern and storing it in a freezer just as I will tell you today.

The essence is simple - you first need to boil it beforea certain state, then spread out portion by package and freeze. And in the winter you get one such sachet - and here it is, green, soft, fresh fern, as if only from the taiga - then you can calmly calm it, fry it, soar it, etc.

How to properly freeze the fern for the winter - a recipe with turn-based photos

So, the fern collected and cut the stemsapproximately 3 parts. See for yourself, what length is most convenient for subsequent dishes. To wash it it is not necessary, as all the same then it will be boiled in boiling water.

Meanwhile, on the stove, a largeenameled water pan. We lowered there the chopped fern and cook for about 5 minutes. It should become soft, if you press on the stem, but do not fall apart in porridge.

The boiled fern was thrown back to the colander to allow all the excess water of the glass. Then we usually take small transparent bags, spread the fern over them and put them in the freezer until winter.

Each subsequent batch of fern is cooked in fresh water.

This is a very wonderful way of harvesting a fern, and do not fuss much and get delicious. One problem is to have a large freezer to store all this stuff :)

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