/ / Is it possible to frost a cake with a mirror glaze

Is it possible to frost a cake with a mirror glaze

200 g condensed milk

300 g of chocolate (white, milk or black)

- cake with frosting can be frozen

- the glaze is easily colored with water-soluble paints

- is prepared from non-complex products

- applicable to all types of frozen cakes

- It is very difficult to take the cake on the camera and not be reflected in it. The glaze is really specular)

If you collect a cake in a ring, on its sidesput the ring ribbon for the cakes. After freezing, the ring will easily come out of the mold due to this tape. When you remove it from a well-frozen cake, the sides will be mirrored. Walk with a warm wrist on the sharp upper edge of the cake - it will look softer, without sharp edges and glaze will drain easier.

· Spatula with neck to remove excess glaze

· Lattice, which stands in the tank, where excess glaze will drain off

To get any color and shade I usecolor mixing table http://2mb.ru/poleznoe/tablica-smeshivaniya-cvetov/. Glaze lavender color I got by mixing white, pink and blue.

Where else do we apply this glaze recipe

The glaze looks great on the surface.

When this bush was photographed, the glaze was sprayed over the marble surface - it turned out artistically.

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