/ / Can I freeze potato patties in the freezer

Can I freeze potato patties in the freezer

-40 gr. butter

-40 gr. wheat flour

-30 ml of vegetable oil

The recipe for cooking potato cutlets:

The first thing to do is to wash thoroughly, and then to peel the potatoes.

Peeled potatoes are immersed in salted water and cook until soft

When the potatoes are ready, we drain the water from itand add a piece of butter to the saucepan. While the potatoes are not cold, we knead it together with butter to make a completely homogeneous mass without lumps.

Now we break chicken eggs into potatoes, as welladd 1.5 tablespoons. flour, and everything is a good mix. From the potato dough we make cutlets and lay them on a heated frying pan with vegetable oil. The meatballs are cooked over medium heat until they get a golden crust. As soon as the same crust appeared, turn our cutlets on the other side.Almost every day I cook such cutlets! Oh very much I like potato cutlets, while their preparation)))

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