/ / Is it possible to freeze marinated lamb shish kebab

Is it possible to freeze a pickled lamb shish kebab

Is it possible to marinate meat on shish kebab, previously frozen? And which way is better?

Thin connoisseurs of any meat will tell you that nothingwill not replace fresh meat. After freezing, the taste uniquely changes. But not so critical as to pay attention to it. If you are asking about how to cook, then for you there is not much difference. To feel the difference, you must be able to compare simultaneously, and not once a month cooked dish. As for the recipe, all sorts of delights are good, especially for fresh meat. This is a marinade from onions, wine, mineral water, etc. etc. For frozen meat, the easiest way is best. Spread a layer of meat in the dishes, salt, pepper, add a bay leaf, lay a layer of chopped onions. Again a layer of meat, etc. Then pour water and add the vinegar to taste. A bit of rewinding, so that the fluid filled all the voids. In about two hours you can fry.

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